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Shaft Repair Sleeves

Crankshaft Repair Sleeve 16256

Shaft Repair Sleeves

Worn or damaged shafts in your engine can lead to fluid leakage that cannot be fixed just by replacing a seal. When replacing a seal to correct a leak you should also consider all aspects of the shaft that it runs on since worn or damaged shafts will not provide a proper surface for the seal. Basic options for repairing a worn or damaged shaft include replacing, repairing, or re-machining the shaft, all of which can be expensive and time consuming.  Another option is to install shaft repair sleeves similar to the one pictured here.  These sleeves have the potential to prolong shaft life and restore worn and damaged shafts to create an original, high quality seal surface.

Bristol Automotive Parts has an inventory of shaft repair sleeves that are applicable to many older vehicles. If you have a grooved or worn shaft in your engine, search our inventory. You just might find a fast and inexpensive option to repair your car.


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Master Cylinders

A1 Cardone Master Cylinders

Master cylinders are control devices that convert brake peddle pressure into hydraulic pressure. The master cylinder controls wheel cylinders located at the other end of the system in the brake calipers and/or drum brakes. The wheel cylinders push brake pads towards the surface of either the drum or disc rotor, causing friction and ultimately bringing the wheel to a stop.

Piston bore wear and piston seal failure are the most common problems that occur in master cylinders. The most common symptom of a failing master cylinder is a brake pedal that slowly sinks under pressure. The cure for this is to replace the master cylinder.

Bristol Automotive Parts, Inc carries a wide variety of A1 Cardone master cylinders for both newer and older vehicles. Many of our older, or vintage master cylinders, are available through our on-line store.


If you don’t see a master cylinder for your application, contact us using the contact page or call us during the regular working hours posted at the bottom of this page and we will happily check our complete inventory for you.


The pictures in our master cylinder on-line store are representative pictures only. If you would like to see a picture of the master cylinder you are interested in, let us know and we post it on-line as soon as we can.

Master Cylinders

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A1 Cardone Remanufactured Parts

A1 Cardone

Bristol Automotive Parts, Inc proudly offers products from one of the best after market remanufacturing companies in the United States.  A1 Cardone started business in 1970 remanufacturing windshield wiper motors out of a small row house in Philadelphia. They have grown to become the largest privately held automotive parts remanufacturer in the world, offering over 80 product lines.

At Bristol Automotive Parts in Bristol Indiana, you will find over 1,200 A1 Cardone part numbers covering Master Cylinders, Calipers, Distributors, Power Steering Pumps, Water Pumps , Smog Pumps, Wiper Motors, and more.


A1 Cardone Master CylindersWIPER MOTOR

In our on-line store you can search through 212 Master Cylinder part numbers for cars built between 1955 and 1990, including Ford Mustangs, Plymouth Barracudas, and Chevrolet Camaros. We also have Master Cylinders for newer model cars, if you don’t see what you need in our on-line store feel free to contact us.

In the near future, will be featuring additional A1 Cardone products in our on-line store. Bookmark our site and check back often for all of your auto parts needs.

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Walker Exhaust

Walker Exhaust


The Walker Exhaust company is an industry leader in emissions control products offering complete engine to tailpipe exhaust solutions for domestic and import cars. As a leading supplier to global vehicle manufacturers, Walker is committed to providing Original Equipment (OE) fit, sound, and performance.

Bristol Automotive Parts, Inc has over 2000 Walker Exhaust System parts including over 140 Walker Crossover Exhaust Y pipes. Some, but not all, of our inventory is featured in our on-line store. Our inventory supports early to late model vans, trucks, and cars from Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Plymouth and Jeep.

Some Crossover part numbers we carry, not shown in our on-line store, are:

40412; 40422; 40440; 40453; 40460; 40461; 40467; 40468; 40469; 40471; 40473; 40483; 40490; 40491; 40492; 40535; 40537; 40540; 40548; 40551; 40552; 40553; 40561; 40562; 40573; 40614; 40622; 40736;  and 40740.

This is just a sampling of our inventory, if you don’t see what you need in our on-line store, contact us with your vehicle specs, we may have what you need on the shelf, at extremely competitive prices.

Walker Exhaust
Representative Y Pipe
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3-312 carb


Bristol Automotive Parts, Inc. (BAPI) has over 100 different carburetors supporting vehicles from 1949 to the mid 1980’s. We have carburetors supporting Ford, Buick, Dodge, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chrysler, Mercury, AMC, Jeep, and Edsel.  If you don’t see what you need, contact us and include : Year; Make; Model; Engine size and carburetor number.

7-771 carb

Some of the carburetor part numbers we hold are:

1-227, 1-255, 1-268,  1-271, 1-278, 1-291, 1-301, 1-313, 1-330, 1-342,

2-257, 2-270, 2-271,

3-312, 3-396, 3-3124, 3-3195, 3-3251, 3-3278, 3-3309, 3-3368, 3-3384, 3-3398, 3-3404, 3-3428, 3-3468, 3-3530, 3-3531, 3-3551, 3-3553, 3-3558, 3-3560, 3-3583, 3-3602, 3-3605, 3-3615, 3-3640, 3-3733, 3-3740, 3-3744, 3-3820,


5-5127, 5-5154, 5-5164, 5-5170, 5-5180, 5-5187, 5-5190, 5-5192, 5-5197, 5-5200, 5-5203, 5-5205, 5-5207, 5-5215, 5-5216, 5-5222, 5-5223, 5-5229, 5-5230,

6-6146, 6-6156, 6-6158, 6-6177, 6-6197, 6-6246, 6-6247, 6-6250, 6-6269, 6-6275, 6-6293, 6-6307, 6-6311, 6-6312, 6-6318, 6-6345,

7-771, 7-7236, 7-7252, 7-7281, 7-7285A, 7-7311, 7-7346, 7-7351, 7-7354, 7-7396, 7-7415, 7-7448, 7-7452, 7-7454, 7-7527, 7-7530, 7-7548, 7-7551, 7-7560, 7-7567, 7-7572, 7-7574, 7-7575, 7-7581, 7-7584, 7-7592,

7-7598, 7-7623, 7-7628, 7-7638, 7-7665, 7-7692, 7-7698, 7-7747, 7-7748, 7-7750, 7-7751, 7-7764, 7-7772, 7-7799,


10-10006, 10-10036, 10-10049,

11-1171, 11-1202, 11-1205, 11-1230, 11-1233, 11-1238,

14-4159, 14-4160, 14-4164, 14-4175, 14-4178, 14-4197, 14-4200, 14-4213, 14-4235