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Shaft Repair Sleeves

Crankshaft Repair Sleeve 16256

Shaft Repair Sleeves

Worn or damaged shafts in your engine can lead to fluid leakage that cannot be fixed just by replacing a seal. When replacing a seal to correct a leak you should also consider all aspects of the shaft that it runs on since worn or damaged shafts will not provide a proper surface for the seal. Basic options for repairing a worn or damaged shaft include replacing, repairing, or re-machining the shaft, all of which can be expensive and time consuming.  Another option is to install shaft repair sleeves similar to the one pictured here.  These sleeves have the potential to prolong shaft life and restore worn and damaged shafts to create an original, high quality seal surface.

Bristol Automotive Parts has an inventory of shaft repair sleeves that are applicable to many older vehicles. If you have a grooved or worn shaft in your engine, search our inventory. You just might find a fast and inexpensive option to repair your car.


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